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RUF PINE WOOD BRIQUETTE offered by us is characterized by high calorific value at minimum amount of ash and low humidity, without the addition of binders, with a practical and repeatable cube shape. Only pine shavings, sawdust and chips of pine wood, which are characterized by a very good cohesiveness, are used for production.
Perfect for burning in fireplaces and stoves. Thanks to slow combustion, it is a very good solution for central heating furnaces and smaller boiler rooms. Due to high calorific value and the possibility of extracting energy similar to coal energy, briquette can be successfully used in kitchen and tiled stoves.

Royal Pellet - ruf briquettes Royal Pellet - ruf briquettes Royal Pellet - ruf briquettes


Briquettes are used for heating single-family and multi-family houses. Briquette is commonly used fuel that can be burned in fireplaces, furnaces and heating boilers for solid fuels.


Briquette is made from shredded wood waste such as shavings, sawdust and coniferous wood chips (pine wood chips), which are compacted under high pressure.


  • small amount of ash remaining after briquette burning (< 0,4 %)
  • economical in comparison with other fuels
  • favorable for the environment (its combustion does not cause CO2 emission, the amount of this gas released into the environment in the combustion process is equal to the amount taken up by the burned plant during its growth)
  • does not contain harmful substances
  • does not emit odors that are disturbing and unpleasant to people
  • clean in use – it does not soil rooms and is easy to store and stack


  • shape: RUF cube
  • cube dimensions [cm]: 15 x 9 x 6
  • total moisture content: < 7 %
  • ash content: < 0,4 %
  • calorific value: > 18.340 kJ/kg
  • sulfur: < 0,02 %


  • unit weight: approx. 10 kg
  • type of pallet: 0,8 x 1,2 m
  • amount on the pallet [pcs]: 96
  • weight of the goods on the pallet [kg]: 960
  • type of pallet protection: stretch


Royal Pellet - RUF pine briquette Royal Pellet - RUF pine briquette Royal Pellet - RUF pine briquette


  • Unit package in shrink foil – 12 cubes
    Heat-shrinkable foil / plastic bag
  • Collective packaging: 96 packages
    Briquettes on the pallet are wrapped with stretch foil and secured with a fastening polypropylene tape.


Transportation of briquettes is carried out by covered means of wheel transport. The positioning and securing of the load is consistent
with transport regulations regarding wheeled transport. Deliveries are carried out with full-truck tarpaulin trailers – 24 tons.


We recommend storing briquettes in rooms that meet the following conditions:

  • covered building, having supply-exhaust gravity or mechanical ventilation
  • briquettes should be stored in a dry place and not exposed to direct precipitation
  • packages of briquettes should be isolated from the ground by stacking them on pallets
  • briquette in the packaging must necessarily be stored in the storage room in the conditions described above

Storage of briquettes in conditions other than those described may cause damage to the briquettes, for which the company Royal Pellet Sp. z o.o. is not liable.

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