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Greater comfort of use

Automatic lighting, extinguishing, cleaning and supply of fuel


Possibility of transport on the territory of Poland and the EU

Clear conditions, fixed on-time deliveries


Clear conditions

Low prices, discounts system


Pellet boilers differ from other solid fuel devices with greater comfort and convenience.

 The following operations are automatic:

  • firing and extinction
  • boiler cleaning
  • burner cleaning
  • removing ash
  • feeding fuel

To such group belongs the first Polish central heating boiler with burner for pellets funded by a prestigious list of BAFA in Germany. For years this model has been appreciated for low emissions and robust design. New feature is the ability to control and monitor the operation of the burner through the Internet. The boiler automatically ignites and extinguishes, so there is no work with the maintenance and it consumes less fuel compared to older, simpler designs.
It is also possible to adapt the existing boiler to coal through the installation of a suitable burner for pellets. For more demanding clients we offer comfortable solutions with pneumatic fuel feeding over long distances.

Pellets are perfect fuel allowing the combination of elegance and technology.

This is evidenced by freestanding stoves becoming more common in single-family houses, tenement houses, offices, restaurants, workshops and shops. They are available in various colors and designs and meet the highest aesthetic requirements. They combine pleasure to use traditional fireplace with advanced technology that enables automatic control of the device. They eliminate the need for continuous cleaning and inflaming. They do not require intensive supervision and regulation, are more efficient (less flue gas losses) and faster to install. The user does not have to open the glass to add fuel so it does not result in smoke release and soiling of premises, thereby eliminating the need for frequent refreshing (coating) of the rooms. Stoves contain in their structure a hidden mechanism of fuel supply, its ignition and combustion control. Each stove has a built-in pellet container which, depending on use, provides fuel for 1-3 days. Everything is controlled electronically. The control panel allows daily and weekly programming. The user, sitting comfortably in an armchair, can operate the stove by remote control.
One example of this can be a steel, free-standing fireplace with automatic ignition, electronic control. During pellet combustion it gives off heat in the form of heated air through the air supply ducts. The container is for 15 kg of fuel, which allows unattended operation from 7 to 24 hours. The efficiency of the fireplace is 93-95%. Includes remote control.

Examples of solutions:

Royal Pellet - boilers and pellet fireplace stoves

Our entire range is included in the new catalog of products in which you can find descriptions of modern and technologically advanced boilers and pellet stoves. The catalog can be downloaded in PDF format soon…