The best source of energy

Ecological and in harmony with nature


Possibility of transport on the territory of Poland and the EU

Clear conditions, fixed on-time deliveries


Clear conditions

Low prices, discounts system

We manufacture and export biofuels to European Union countries. We have long-term partners in countries such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy. Our main objective as a company is to build strong relationships with our customers, based on mutual trust and meeting their needs in accordance with the current circumstances. We sell wood pellets, firewood and RUF wood briquettes.

As a supplier of ecological and certified wood pellets Certificates ENplus A1 PL 359, ENplus A2 PL 359 and FSC-C181481, we offer several types of pellets, i.e. an economic option - STANDARD pellets, which are suitable for heating devices and buildings with less demanding systems, as well as more advanced fuel - PREMIUM and PLUS pellets adapted to the needs of more demanding customers.

We only use wood certified by FSC®

We only use Forest Stewardship Council® certified wood - this means that the raw material comes from forest resources managed in accordance with the "Principles of Good Forest Management".

Wood pellets offered by us are made from wood waste compacted under high pressure. This process does not require the use of a binder because lignin, which is one of the basic components of the wood, when heated, exhibits adhesive properties. As a result, pellets when burned indoor do not emit unpleasant odours and at the same time they are environmentally friendly fuel with zero CO2 emissions.

Wood pellets due to their shape, i.e. highly compacted rolls with smooth surface resist any putrefaction, do not absorb moisture from the environment which could result in the decrease of their calorific value. One should note that the product has a high energy content (approx. 4.96 kWh/kg), which means fast heat dissipation, and hence rapid heating of boilers or stoves, and it meets stringent standard requirements for the content of moisture, ash and foreign elements.

When you choose PREMIUM pellets:

You can be sure
that the fuel is made of pure sawdust without bark, sand and chemical compounds

You can be sure
that you are not poisoning yourself or others

You can be sure
that you burn only as many pellets as you need, thanks to high-calorie fuel

You can be sure
that the heater used by you shall operate flawlessly, while its operation shall be comfortable

We provide all our partners with reliability and professionalism in the scope of offered products and services. We are constantly improving in the fields of: product quality and speed of delivery and customer satisfaction is a superior value for us.

We guarantee:

Possibility of transport
Within the EU

Low prices
Quality and price are our strengths

Discounts system
for regular customers

Clear conditions
Fixed on-time deliveries

Mission Statement:

Our mission is customer satisfaction. We achieve this by providing our distributors and customers with innovative, ecological and high-quality products at good prices. Service at the highest level is an additional value for our customers. All this is to fully satisfy our contractors.
Our mission is also to expand constantly the scope of our offer in order to comprehensively and completely meet the needs of the energy sector regarding the supply of biomass and the agricultural sector in supply of products used in animal breeding based on domestic raw materials of agricultural origin.
In our activities we are guided by the overriding principle of production autonomy, starting from our own raw material sources through advanced technological facilities to long-term sales channels and commercial relations.

Company goals:

Our main and priority business activity is the production and supply of biomass in the energy and agricultural sectors. Satisfying the needs of our customers and meeting the quality requirements of supplied biomass are at the heart of our company’s development.
Our strategic long-term goal is to systematically increase our share in the agricultural and renewable energy market.