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Wood biomass

An alternative source of energy


Possibility of transport on the territory of Poland and the EU

Clear conditions, fixed on-time deliveries


Clear conditions

Low prices, discounts system


Our offer includes wet sawdust from coniferous trees (pine), after debarking, natural humidity as for sawn wood without drying – up to 60%.

Sawdust – comes from the processing of wood in sawmills, and is also a by-product of cutting, milling, etc. It is used as fuel for the production of pellets and briquettes by pressing under high pressure.
Wet sawdust can be further processed. It can be used as loose fuel for cyclic use in sawdust stoves. It is also suitable for fireplaces and stoves. It can be also used as an acidifying fertilizer for plants. It is an organic fertilizer which after decomposition provides humus to plants. You can also sprinkle plants with sawdust before winter, thereby protecting them from the effects of weather conditions. Wet sawdust can be used as a protective bedding.

Sawdust is delivered by covered means of road transport such as a “dumper” or “moving floor”.