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Bedding pellet / Straw pellet

modern and convenient solution for animal breeders


Possibility of transport on the territory of Poland and the EU

Clear conditions, fixed on-time deliveries


Clear conditions

Low prices, discounts system


The BEDDING PELLET offered by us is a modern and convenient solution for animal breeders. Pellets are produced in 100% of straw. No chemical additives are used and the production technology makes that it is free from impurities and bacteria. Pellets are produced by means of pressure agglomeration of shredded straw. During this process a high temperature is generated, which eliminates biological pollution. The final production stage includes screening and dedusting, which makes that the produced pellets are free of volatile fractions. All these treatments contribute to greater animal comfort and convenience of breeders.


Straw pellets are ideal for bedding for poultry and farm animals (e.g. horses). This pellet is characterized by high absorption of liquids and odors owing to which it successfully replaces traditional straw or sawdust bedding.


Straw pellets (wheat, triticale) – are produced as a result of mechanical compression of shredded straw. The raw material is pelleted mechanically without the use of additional sticking substances.


  • the product is sold in the form of irregular granules with a diameter of 6 mm / 8 mm and a length of not more than 15 mm
  • does not cause allergies
  • good thermal insulation
  • bedding elasticity – recommended for animals with joint or hooves problems
  • this product also perfectly absorbs the smell and vapours of ammonia which helps to reduce unpleasant odors
  • convenient storage (15 kg bags take up much less space than straw bales)
  • bedding free from bacteria, fungi and microbes


  • diameter: 6 mm / 8 mm
  • total moisture content ≤5 %
  • bulk density >650 kg/m3


  • unit weight: 15 kg
  • type of pallet: 100 x 100 cm
  • amount of bags per layer [pcs]: 6
  • amount of layers [pcs]: 10 bags
  • amount of bags on a pallet [pcs]: 66
  • weight of the product on the pallet [kg]: 990
  • type of pallet protection: stretch


  • Collective packaging: 66 bags 15 kg with pellets of diameter 6 mm or 8 mm
    Bags are stacked on a pallet
  • BIG BAG packaging: weight from 1000 kg
  • Transport in bulk


Transportation of pellets is carried out by covered means of wheeled transport. The arrangement and securing of the load is in accordance with the transport regulations regarding wheeled transport. Deliveries are carried out with full-truck tarpaulin trailers, “bathtubs”, tankers – 24-25 tons.


We recommend storing pellets in rooms that meet the following conditions:

  • covered building, with supply-exhaust gravity or mechanical ventilation
  • pellets should be stored in a dry place and not exposed to direct precipitation
  • pellet bags should be isolated from the ground by stacking them on pallets
  • 6 mm / 8 mm pellets in BIG BAG packaging and in bulk must necessarily be stored in a storage room in the conditions described above

Storage of pellets 6 mm / 8 mm in 15 kg bags and BIG BAG in conditions other than those described may cause damage to the pellets, for which the company Royal Pellet Sp. z o.o. is not liable.

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