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Clear conditions

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Our Company provides professional transport, forwarding and logistics services using our experience and qualified team. A large base of carriers makes it possible to optimally fulfill orders entrusted to us by customers.

Respect for the environment has always been the focal point of ROYAL PELLET since the very beginning of our activities. Therefore, in recent years, we have strengthened the use of multimodality (road-rail and road-sea) in the Company.

This choice is based not only on our increased sensitivity to issues such as sustainability, but also on our determination to offer state-of-the-art solutions in line with market requirements.

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport (also called combined transport) consists in the execution of cargo deliveries by various means of road, rail and sea transport, without reloading of goods. It makes it possible to optimally use the transport capacity and proves especially useful for deliveries of large quantities of items, including single ones – from the place of dispatch to the place of destination. When providing services, it is necessary to combine at least two different means of transport where containers or semitrailers are most frequently used. The container transport reduces not only transport and handling costs but other costs as well.

Intermodal transport – advantages

  • lower costs as a result of, inter alia, reduced charges related to reloading or employing a smaller number of drivers,
  • the possibility of increasing the quantity of items during a single carriage operation,
  • lower risk of damage to goods during loading, reloading and unloading,
  • fast and timely execution of orders, especially in international transport – goods arrive at their destination in a shorter time,
  • environmentally friendly solution – the amount of pollutants emitted by trucks is reduced as a result of the use of sea and rail transport,
  • greater availability and higher quality of transport services,
  • it is a very good supplement, especially for sea freight.

Intermodal shipments are perfect for exporting pellets because:

  1. Prices are locked in for the whole year;
  2. Accidents and delays are rare;
  3. Greater availability of cargo is provided;
  4. Average costs are lower than in transport by road.


In order to make this mode of transporting goods function efficiently, appropriate infrastructure, i.e. a properly organized logistics chain is required. Various loading and unloading methods are used during intermodal transport. Owing to the extensive infrastructure of transshipment terminals, it is possible to efficiently unload goods, e.g. in the port, go through appropriate customs procedures and dismantle containers with goods, as well as load goods onto shipping vehicles or trains. This not only shortens the time of the entire logistics operation, but also brings financial savings.

Transporting products by land and sea makes it possible to effectively use the transport infrastructure on all continents. Consequently, goods can be delivered directly from factories to warehouses located in different parts of the world. Intermodal forwarding is a very future-proof solution that will not only improve the condition of the environment, but also the quality of services provided by logistics companies.